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Emil Kozak
Graphic Designer { }
Emil Kozak

You were born in a small town in Denmark and then you moved to Barcelona, Spain. Now, you live and work in that beautiful city. What were changed in your life? Do you miss your homeland or language?

Yes, a lot have changed. I miss my family a lot and at times also the language and the culture. But I am very happy living here. It is a great place between mountains and sea. Good food, great people, waves in the winter, skateboarders everywhere and amazing sunrises. I do think about my country when it rains here. I get all excited and don’t mind getting soaked.

You are a great proof for the statements, “Less is more” and “Simple is the best”. Is Minimalism one of your inspiration sources? Which artists and art movements influenced your creativity?

Yes, I like to put messages in my work, and by keeping stuff kinda minimal, conveying some idea or concept seems easier.

You are making creations not only for print works and web, but also skateboards, lamps, t-shirts, shoes and more… If I’ve been told that I’ll wear something I never saw before but they are designed by Emil Kozak, I wouldn’t hesitate at all. Not an easy question but, which work discipline do you like most?

I like all of them. I am happy to be able to work in so many different mediums. It is inspiring playing in so many fields.

Which one is more exciting; wearing your designs, skating with your creations or seeing your pieces on the walls?

I would say making them is most exciting.

Can you tell us about your working habits? What makes you feel comfortable or uncomfortable, and what kind of atmosphere helps you concentrate?

I usually get up pretty early to check the bumps on the ocean, if it’s good i like to catch a few ones before the world wakes up. Usually it's not, so I’ll sleep a bit more and wake up around 8-9:00 and get started with the work of the day. Thoughout the day, there are usually a lot of e-mails being sent and corrections being made. When it all quiets down, I start on new pieces. I am more comfortable when there are less distractions... Sundays, evenings, early mornings etc.

As a designer, also experienced in logo design, graphic qualities of which brands do you find closer to yourself?

I like how skateboard brands usually have less 'static' profiles, they adapt and play around alot. I like that.

And if you had one chance for recreating the design works of an existing brand, which one would you choose?

I think the surf industry could use a helping hand, when it comes to graphics. In my opinion surfing is much more fun and beautiful than trashy graphics and cool sunglasses.

If you had a limitless budget, what kind of personal project would you create and how would you present it to the people? Just imagine! There are no boundaries!

It would be funny to air TV commercials, advertising all the great stuff you could do instead of watching TV.

Are you interested in movies? If so, which directors or country styles do you find closer to yourself in visual comprehension?

Wes Anderson amazes me, and matt groening is my hero.

Theme of the 10th issue of Bak Magazine is an abstract concept, this time: "Why?" What comes into your mind first when you think about that word? Please feel free and use your imagination. Create your own “why” and ask it to the world.

Sure, why not? Here we go... Why walk, when you can run?

"Why walk, when you can run?"

- Emil Kozak / Bak 10
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