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Nazario Graziano
Designer { }
Nazario Graziano

Lay down and tell us about your childhood :) What kind of family life did you experience? When you think about your childhood memories, which color do you mostly realize?

I think, I started with graphic design since when I was a little kid. In the first school I liked to design little puppets and sketch with pencil and colored pens. My family education was good and simple. Probably I like graphic design and colors because my father was a whitewasher :)

As an Italian artist, do you think that your country inspired you while you were creating your style? Which Italian artists in the art history impressed you most?

Most of Italian people aware that we live in an inspiring country where "beauty", art and history are everywhere. It's a difficult question... It will seem like presumption, but most of the great artists were Italian, particularly in ancient age (Michelangelo Buonarroti, Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello, Caravaggio, ...) When it comes to modern art, I say Bruno Munari. He made very important things for communication and visual language.

How do you define Italy with 5 words?

I think I will just use two words: "Beautiful" and "Romantic".

You are the founder of inspirational Revolver Lover and the beautiful Anti Magazine. Would you please tell us about the creation progresses of these two personal projects of you? How do you evaluate the future of online publishing?

I'm a great fan of networking, and I think the best way to grow up is working together with other artists, collaborating, posting in the forums, browsing the portals and magazines! This is the main reason why I make Revolver Lover. ANTI is a side-project of RL. ANTI aims to showcase outstanding visual content as an online magazine and also through future exhibitions all around the world. Me and the guys on the RL crew are interested in showcasing all styles of visual media, including: illustration, graphic design, photography, drawing, painting, etc. I think today, blogs, My Space and free online-mags are the new power of graphic design. The best way to find inspirations, news and good ideas! Cheers for ANTI, Bak and all the free magazines on the net!

One of your favorite film directors Federico Fellini says; "All art is autobiographical. The pearl is the oyster's autobiography". Do you think your pieces of work have some clues about your personality?

Sure! I think every pieces of art (music, cinema, photography, poetry...) are made from our lives. Love, hatred, sensations, smells, flavours can never be erased.

Imagine that you have one chance to totally change a big brand's commercial identity designs. Which one would you choose and why?

Probably Goooooooogle... But i think one of the most difficult things to do in graphic design is logo design! Can you really image a new face for Goooooooogle? It's impossible!

Besides Fellini, which directors do you find closer to yourself in terms of visual comprehension? Do you like Hollywood style movies or do you prefer European Cinema?

Uhm, nice question! For today's directors... I like so much the taste of movies like "Me and You and Everyone We Know" of Miranda July, "Goodbye Lenin" and "The Faboulous World of Amelie" and the some from my childood. 80's movies when a i was a kid, such as; "E.T.", "The Goonies", "Star Wars" and I love Tim Burton and Coen Brothers, too. For "classic cinema", I like Kubrick and Hitchcock so much. And finally... I'm a big fan of 50's Science Fiction movies!

Great Italian master Michelangelo says; "There is no greater harm than that of time wasted". Hundreds of years passed after Mr. Michelangelo thought that. Today, our most powerful enemy is time, again... Are you afraid of getting old? After what you do, you will find yourself ready to die?

It's like an old David Bowie's song hehe. You can change time. A day of 24 hours is so short! I need 48 hours! I'm afraid for wasted time when I go in a bookstore. I see the books on the shelves and I think how many years one man needs to read all those books! I feel the same in a DVD store, in a cinema and while searching the internet... Time is too short for everyone! I need 9 lives, like cats.

Imagine that, tomorrow, you will wake up as a different person and live his/her life for the next 24 hours. Who would you choose and what would you do?

I'd like to choose a bird but if I can't choose an animal, then I'd like to be an astronaut in the outer space. Just for one day.

If you had a limitless budget, what kind of personal project would you create and who would you choose to work with?

Uhm... I would make a brand new studio in a brand new house on a mountain, near the lake, with my girlfriend and 20 cats. Then I'd like to found a toy factory and something more in the clothing/skateboard area.

"(If I had limitless budget), I would make a brand new studio in a brand new house on a mountain, near the lake, with my girlfriend and 20 cats."

- Nazario Graziano / Bak 11
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