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Si Scott
Graphic Designer { }
Si Scott

Most people think that, in an artist's life, childhood is the most important part. Can you tell us about your childhood? Where did you grow up? What kind of things affected your personality?

I grew up in the North of England in the outskirts of the city of Leeds. I had a pretty normal working class childhood I think - playing football in the park, causing mischief all the usual stuff that kids get up to I guess. We never had loads of money but we were never really poor either - I had a great up bringing and learnt a really good work ethic from my dad who has been the most influential person in my life. My Dad always said why work for somebody else when you can work for yourself - that really stuck in my mind and I think that little bit of advice has stuck with me throughout my life so far. Both my Mum & Step mum say I am just like my dad - once I start something I hate to leave it until it's finished and am a perfectionist who works all the time.

I think my upbringing affected my personality in the sense that I am from the north and know how to have a laugh and hate bullshit and big headed people full of there own self importance.

Would you please tell us about your workspace and working habits? Which tools do you use for visualizing your ideas?

Get up about 7am - breakfast, shower, dress and sit at my desk in my flat for a few minutes trying to remember what I've going on that day. Decide what jobs take priority. Generally work until about 8ish on a normal day. Sometimes later depending on what I?m working on. I'm quite lucky with what I do that I can work from home.

I know I work too much and sometimes stress myself out beyond belief but that's just the way I am and whatever I work on I just want to do the best job possible.

You attended Leeds College of Art and Design and then, Buckinghamshire Chilterns University. After those years of education, do you think art can be taught?

I don't think you can really be taught art - you can listen and read as much as you like about the subject but I think there has to be something there to begin with. I've always drawn as long as I can remember and when I got to college with the guidance of tutors and peers you just learn ways of applying your ideas in different and the most applicable ways.

You exhibited your works and shared your creativity in several shows up to now. If you had a limitless budget, in what ways would you show your pieces to the people?

With unlimited budget I would get them engraved into some sort of frosted glass and a separate layer of the artwork printed slightly offset over the top (only offset by mm's). Then have them back lit in a dimly lit gallery space so they really stood out.

You are a very talented and well known graphic designer. Your works were exhibited in some shows, numerous magazines and books featured you on their pages, you worked with big and special clients... All these make us think that you should be a very happy person. Is it true? Can you define yourself as an artist who reached his goals?

I generally am never content or 100% happy with anything I produce - I am always striving to do better work and this can cause quite a lot of stress! I think if any designer sits back and thinks that's it I've cracked it - then there would be no point in doing it anymore. If you feel you've achieved everything you want to then where do you go from there?

We know that you are very interested in music and creating visuals for music is one of your dream jobs. If you had only one chance for directing a music video, which song of which artist or band would you choose, and why?

I would definitely want to direct a video for the band 'Interpol' probably for the song "Obstacle 1". I have a bit of an obsession with the band and I just love that song. If push came to shove and you could only ever hear one more song that would be the one for me!?

Are you interested in cinema? (If so,) what kind of movies and which movie directors do you find closer to yourself in terms of visual comprehension?

I love watching films! Along with music I spend too much on dvd's - I'm a hopeless horder of things. I recently went to see 'Eastern Promises' and loved it - thought it was better than 'A History of Violence'. I like gritty films that make you feel a bit uncomfortable with the subject matter and make you think a bit. I love the work of Anton Corbijn. 'Control' was absolutely fantastic. It blew me away with the way it looked and the way it was put together.

If you had a chance to share your dinner table with some artists from the art history, who would you invite and what would you like to talk with them?

Probably Andy Warhol - I don't know why really? Just think he would be really funny to have a chat with and listen to.

Theme of one of the previous Bak issues was "2050". What does it mean to you? How do you evaluate the future of the world when you imagine year 2050?

The future scares me and I'm glad I probably won't be around to see 2050! With the world the way is going at the minute (war, terrorism, global warming etc..). I know it sounds a bit morbid but I honestly think it's gone too far to get any better - it's only going to get worse. I can't remember where I heard it but the following statement really stuck in my mind - 'If there is a God will he ever forgive us for what we have done to each other? Then I realize! God left this place long ago'

That about sums up the state we're in as the human race.

"My dad always said 'Why work for somebody else when you can work for yourself'. That really stuck in my mind and I think that little bit of advice has stuck with me throughout my life so far."

- Si Scott / Bak 11
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