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Douglas Alves
Illustrator { }
Douglas Alves

- You were born in Sao Paulo, which is the largest city in Brazil and the most populous city in Southern Hemisphere, and 3 years ago, you moved to Los Angeles, California. How do you compare Sao Paulo with Los Angeles?

São Paulo and Los Angeles are totally different. São Paulo has more NY style. Everything is rushing, busy, crowded. There's a lot of energy everywhere you go.

Los Angeles is really cool, large streets and sunny days. It's a place to relax but you also you work a lot. When I came to LA. I use to live close to the beach but it was too calm for me, I've moved to Downtown LA recently. I need buildings and people around. it gives me a lot of energy.

- How was your childhood in Sao Paulo? We know that you respect your father a lot. What kind of relationship do you have with him?

My Childhood in Sao Paulo wasn't easy but I had a lot of fun. Mostly of the things I've learned in my life is from my childhood. You have to respect people. Honesty and integrity must be your priority. My father taught me those values. He made me real- ize how important those things are when I was very young. My mother also have a good part in this. I love both of my parents.

- What motivated you to choose visual arts to earn living from?

It was a lot of sequences that made me working with visual arts. I always wanted to work with art and illustration and for me doesn't matter which media I will be working with, I want to explore many more and be able to express myself.

- Your works were published in several books and magazines, including 'Into The Nature' and 'Illusive 2' which we reviewed on our previous issues. How did you feel when you were first featured? Do you have that obsession of being remembered in the future like most of the artists do?

It always a great feeling to see your work in many books. i remember the first book I was featured. I was really excited, show- ing to my family. It is like a proof that you are doing right and that makes you work more.

Even today I still get excited when I see my work in new books. I don't think I have obsession of being remembered but as an artist, you want to make your name there. It's like you have something unique and you put your love in it, hoping that the next generations can see and feel the same way you were feeling when you were creating. It's more about sharing your thoughts and feelings than anything else.

- Are there any artists that inspired you while building your strong, impressive and beautiful style?

Thanks so much for the nice words! I have many references. It's hard to mention one. Specially because I've been exploring more options to elevate my style. I like Hieronymus Bosch. His style is different from what I do,
but I'm really inspired by the way he ex- presses himself.

Of course I like Dali as well. Lately I've stud- ied renaissance artists. Hopefully, that may bring more flavor to my style.

- Internet seems to be one of the greatest inventions in the history. It changed so many things in visual arts field as well. Today, a young artist can show his/her works to millions of people without paying a penny.

Beyond its advantages, internet has some drawbacks, too. We see numerous images everyday and each piece has begun to look almost the same with another. From this perspective, how do you evaluate the future of digital
and traditional arts?

That's a really good question. Internet is new yet, and it has been growing up more and more. 5 or 7 years ago, internet didn't have the same respect and opportunities that it has today.

It's normal to see the same thing on the internet today because everybody is looking for their own voice yet, and experimenting. Of course it will change soon, and we will see less people doing the same thing and more people with new style. I can see today people are more interested in hand drawing than digital, which open up an opportunity to mix traditional with digital and it's good for everyone. More work and more opportunities to learn.

- If you had limitless budget, what would you do to exhibit your art? Would it be a Douglas Alves Gallery, a building, a huge art performance, or what? No boundries, just imagine!

I think have a exhibition is something that all artists reach for. I think about this everyday and how it could be, I don't feel my ideas mature yet but I wanna make people feel exactly how the art piece feels. If I make an art piece and it has birds and leaves in a winter season, I want to make people feel like that. Feeling the leaves around them, cold, birds flying. It would be an interactive piece or something like that. But I have some ideas also with papers and toys which I would like to explore as well.

Basically Douglas Alves Gallery would be a mix of installation and interactive pieces and also frames. It’s something that I always dream of... I hope, in the future, I can have a Douglas Alves Gallery and I show people this interview.

- Theme of the 16th issue of BAK is 'City'. As a person who moved from a metropolitan to another, what does this word mean to you? Do you have a dream city that you want to live in?

I think about NYC sometimes, because it's like São Paulo, but it's too cold. But I still have thoughts to live there and I think also I will have more culture around me.

I can see today people are more interested in hand drawing than digital, which open up an opportunity to mix traditional with digital and it's good for everyone. More work and more opportunities to learn.

- Douglas Alves / Bak 16
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