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Marguerite Sauvage
Illustrator { }
Marguerite Sauvage

I keep hope in future. Last time I discussed with my best friend, we said that we know each other for 17years, that's making us feel we're getting old because that 17 years seem to be quite near but they weren't and we do not realise that the time has passed. I do not feel old, I have no fear, maybe I'll change my mind, I don't know. I'm more afraid of suffering in life than getting old.

A complicated history, keeping the hope to build a nice one. Maybe I will use my joker.

Wine, cooking, great landscape. Working with French people is not always easy. It often lacks something like quietness, objectivity and rationality, and this makes the creation context not quite optimal.

So relative, I prefer "charm". Beauty is everywhere by the way.

It's better to be before than after. It's a world I'm quite far from, even if my work is often called "fashion illustration". For me it's "illustration" and I'm simply a consumer or a spectator of fashion. I do not want this world to be too much implied in my life because there's a very authoritarian aspect of fashion. I like it when it's a synonym of creation.

Fame is double faced and I think I like discretion, which is sometimes antagonistic because in illustration if you do not have fame you will not have work. I just hope some people love my work and are happy to see my images, I don't mind if they know my name except if they are wandering to call me for a job or a good project ! What about talent and what about commercial sense ?

I'm in love with one and he loves me too and it's quite serious. Love is a great energy for creation, happy or not, each story and each new period in a couple’s life will transpire in drawing through the situations, the attitudes of the characters, the colors... More closely about men: I love drawing them. For example I'm very happy when I worked on men fashion pages. The men I draw are some kind of "pin up", sexy, and a little bit bad guys.

I love going to good concerts very much. I listen to very eclectic things, transporting me in universes I get inspired in.

I think it changed the face of illustrating, and more widely the way of working in graphism and communication. For example I do not meet almost 70% of my clients face to face, there's a lot I don't even call and they don’t call me as well. I think also internet exacerbated the "working in a hurry" process and the anguish of illustrator. Internet is the friend of the digitalisation of illustrating, which is the friend of the " can you modify this endlessly" process and make digital artists sometimes nostalgic of traditional drawing and painting. In the current life it's a wonderfull mean to discover the work of other artists, to get informed, to go travelling...

If I think globally, my ecologist soul is quite sad, but for the rest the answer is at the begining of the first question.

"I do not want this world to be too much implied in my life because there's a very authoritarian aspect of fashion. I like it when it's a synonym of creation."

- Marguerite Sauvage / Bak 03
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