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Paul Szypula
Graphic Designer { }
Paul Szypula

New York
New York is home. It's where I grew up. It's where my family is and where I would like to live again when the time is right.

9/11 is a scar. I was there when it happened at a safe distance. Though I didn't find out about it till around 10am when I went to the dry cleaner next door to the apartment building where I lived. I laughed when he first told me 'cause I thought anything that absurd had to be a joke. Then I saw he was teary eyed. Then I noticed more people in the streets then usual. Then I went outside, looked south and saw the column of smoke downtown. I'll never forget that.

Creativity is for me to attempt something I've never done.

I don't know what genius is... Though I know it can be used for anything.

Bubblebathgirl is my little site for linking to projects I've worked on since 2000. I started out doing both Flash and Design ... though these days I do mostly Flash where I work ( ... I do enjoy opportunities to design and try to take advantage of them whenever I can. The name Bubblebathgirl is just a joke - I got the URL once just for the heck of it and then thought it would be funny to make a portfolio site using that name. I like the fact that I still feel uncomfortable (usually the first time) telling people my url or email ... I like the fact that it seems so silly, but then when you go to my site you can see that it's just a bunch of Flash web sites - I like that little twist of expectation and surprise.

May 1st Reboot
May 1st Reboot is something that I was interested in when I first heard of it. The idea of the Reboot is as simple in nature as it is on the web: rejuvenation. A year or so after the first official Reboot, in 2000, I stumbled upon an opportunity to not only get involved with the event, but to take it over altogether. James Widegren ( came up with the original concept for "the reinvigoration of the web". I've tried to improve the event every year with new features and ideas without straying from the original concept. I'm always open to input so if anyone has constructive criticism about the Reboot then please feel free to contact me at

Fame is like genius in it's potential for good and evil. It is, however, not a measure of one's intelligence in any right - though it can be a direct result of it.The funny thing about fame is that many people care more that something is famous then what it actually is famous for ... I've come to realize that more from living in LA ;)

Love is like genius, it's either there or it isn't.

The future is our own perceptions; it is like fame in that it can be a result of our actions.

White is what I am.

"Fame is not a measure of one's intelligence in any right - though it can be a direct result of it."

- Paul Szypula / Bak 03
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