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Melanie Delon
Illustrator { }
Melanie Delon

You were born in France in 1980. What can you say about your country? Have you ever dreamed of living in another place?

I love my country and especially my city, Paris, very very much. It is very inspirational in artistic way. I love wandering in the streets and discovering different things everytime. I mean there must be a very good reason for me to leave France and Paris.

Could you please tell us about your working process? Do you use pencil sketches or photographs? What kind of graphic tablet do you prefer using?

I work just as I want. I do not make pencil sketches. I start drawing with Photoshop and Painter. "Color" is the most important component of my paintings. Because the colors expose the subject, feelings and the story. Sometimes I benefit from the advantages of photography but only for little details. I prefer using the the mirror instead. I have one next to my monitor. I sometimes use myself as my model. And I use Wacom Intuos3 A4 graphic tablet. I must say I cannot give up using it.

In your paintings, it's easily noticed that you are interested in fantastic and dreamy subjects. And we know that you are a big fan of The Lord of The Rings. Did the movie meet your expectations as a reader of the book? If you had a chance to chat with Peter Jackson, what would you tell him first?

I really love fantastic stories. Lord of The Rings triology is one of my favorites. Especially adaptation of the backgrounds were impressive. I had read the book when I was 11 and I had adored Alan Lee's illustrations. When I saw the movie, I found the same backgrounds in front of me and I love them. Perhaps my only word would be "Thanks" for Peter Jackson.

Imagine that you have got a time machine. As a young painter who studied art history, which artists would you like to share your dinner table with?

I can say W. Bouguereau or Waterhouse but it's not about having dinner with them, I would prefer watching them painting and trying to learn something without saying a word. I would really wish to meet these masters, would like to see how they use light and colors.

What's your greatest aim in life?

I'm not that ambitious. I have to learn much more things about painting. I would want to be happy by painting what I like and I would also wish to create a published book of myself.

We see that there are unpredictably big differences between the year that you were born, 1980, and now, 2006. We get excited when we observe the outstanding developments in technology and medicine, but at the same time, we are witnessing that the relationship between people is becoming more artificial and consumption madness is threatening the future of the world. How do you evaluate the future?

Actually, I'm trying not to think about the future. It will sound like an utopia but I just wish a peaceful world in which people live without pain.

Theme of the previous issue of Bak Magazine was "Game". What does this word mean to you? Do you remember the games you played when you were a child?

Sure, I do. One of the best times of my life! We were playing with our Lego's. We were building castles and making up stories about them. For hours! Actually, it's not that different today. We just substituted Lego's with computer games!

"Actually, I'm trying not to think about the future. It will sound like an utopia but I just wish a peaceful world in which people live without pain."

- Melanie Delon / Bak 06
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